University Identity

There were several attempts by the university to work with outside firms to create a new logo and identity system. When these did not meet their expectations the in-house team was asked to create a logo that communicated Hamline's identity as innovative and distinctive, as well as rooted in the traditions of Minnesota's first university. The team came up with four logos to present to the president and the president's staff. The logo I created below was chosen by the administration and confirmed by several marketing firms partnering with the university that this was the right logo choice. The logo is a modern take on a traditional academic symbol and gives a sense of strength, boldness, celebration, and permanency. As a team, we prepped the logo for production needs in print and digital formats. A style guide was created to help our partners and other university offices adhere to our identity standards, including font options, logo usage, and an official color palette. I created the university stationery and led the roll-out communications, including managing the RFP and online ordering process. I continue to manage the visual identity guidelines within the university and our vendors.

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